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What’s a customer journey?

 We create and design customer journeys for our clients, while we might have different types of customer Journeys, based on the buyers’ persona and marketing objectives, the basics are the same.

What’s a customer journey?

            A customer journey is the sum of touchpoints and interactions that leads a person to a conversion. There are more than 40 different types of digital conversions.

Humans make decisions in different ways, impulsive decisions are constantly made depending on the circumstances (I’m talking to you, who shops at Amazon at 1:00am)

Someone who buys parts or accessories for a truck, and someone who buys a truck fleet, are very different buyer personas. Even though most likely all of the different people have to go through a Marketing Funnel. Starting from awareness, then consideration, and lastly purchase intention. 

The communication for a lead that is interested in accessories for trucks widely differs from the communication for someone who is interested in buying a truck fleet. One relies more on the availability and purchase facility for the accessory they are interested in, and the other person will rely on the full research of the product’s reputation and trustworthiness they would conduct before purchase. 

What we can tell you from experience is that a google search, a Facebook post, or any kind of communication alone won’t have the same results as a digital campaign that uses dozens of interactions before a conversion.

An example of this can be seen in the article “7 ways to win consumers on their path to purchase.” Google analyzed seven journeys in which people take different touchpoints 


On all of these journeys, there were at least 6 touchpoints, on some, there were 11 touchpoints. On one of the journeys, there were 9 touchpoints and 80 interactions, four Google Search, and four visits to retailers. This whole journey lasted 12 hours (example #5 on the article)

If you have ever questioned why a Google campaign that takes the audience to your website won’t have results. The answer is because that is not enough 

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