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how technology help us develop our audience?

Who is your target audience? The old times when women from 25-45 years-old were a target audience no longer applies. Do you know the interest of your target audience? These interests are in constant change. You could be interested in paper straws a month ago, and now you are interested in face masks, people change, interests change, our audience is a moving target, we need the way we think when we describe our audience.

Technology, data, and the simple act of understanding signs.

People usually focus on “Social Listening,” which is the act of talking verbally (if that’s what you are focusing on, you are wrong). We understand and analyze the signs presented to us when the audience sees a % of a video, click on an ad, read an article, add an item to the shopping cart, etc. We understand and analyze these signs with the help of technology. For example:

  • If you reach 50,000 people and 500 decide to consume content A and 5,000 decided to consume content B. Out of the 5,000 people who consume content B, 2,500 went to the website, and only 500 ended up making a purchase. Does this mean something to you?

Even more important, today, we have the technology to find a lookalike audience. With your existing clients, we can create a bigger audience that shares your current audience’s interest and digital behavior.

In the past, we determined the audience, and we presented them with our message, this is no longer the best approach. Now, we create the messages, and the market decides whether to consume it or not. Digital marketing has changed, and we adapted to provide the best practices to our clients.

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