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We should start thinking in touchpoints not in single posts or ads

We don’t focus on a single touchpoint. We focus on the sum of all the touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

If we have 500 people who interact with your content, we will send them NEW and relevant content—helping them be more familiar with the brand. We adapt to the audience’s interest and provide them new content that will be on their interest. We improve and refresh our content. We don’t repeat the same ads, which would be retargeting.

Let’s suppose you find the right audience. We have bad news; those men and women don’t click once or twice before they make a purchase decision. Based on Google’s article “7 ways to win consumers on their path to purchase,” a person takes more than 100 interactions before purchasing a lamp. Now, imagine how complicated the journey is for a person trying to decide on which city to go next vacation, buying a home or in which daycare you will enroll your kid.

All of these audiences are extremely expose to advertising, are fragmented, and are diversified.

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